Summary of Kickoff Campaign

On Sunday, May 28th 2023, in a beautiful spring afternoon, Ahmed Hussein officially announced his campaign for the At-Large seat on the FCPS School Board, at Burke Lake Park, Shelter C. The venue was shaded, with a breathtaking view of Burke Lake. The event, which drew an impressive turnout, brought together over 200 members of our vibrant community, united in their commitment to shaping the future of education. They did this by spreading word of Ahmed’s campaign, signing up for volunteering options, and donating. Amongst the enthusiastic crowd were numerous candidates vying for various positions both county and statewide, lending their unwavering support to Ahmed’s cause. The gathering provided ample opportunity for attendees to connect with one another, engaging in insightful conversations about the pressing issues facing the Fairfax County Public Schools’ (FCPS) education system. 

As the afternoon unfolded, Ahmed took to the stage, his voice infused with determination, as he outlined his visionary plans for transforming the school board and elevating the educational experience for every student. These plans included prioritizing capital and facility improvements, addressing the drop in test scores, enhancing special education programs, and expanding advanced education opportunities. Ahmed’s campaign launch not only symbolized his dedication to the betterment of education but also embodied the collective determination of the community to create a brighter future for our schools. With the sun setting on that memorable spring afternoon, the campaign for the At-Large seat on the FCPS School Board embarked on a new chapter, fortified by the unwavering support that was echoed throughout those in attendance.